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For the Parish of the Diocese of Poona


1. CTBT: Catechism Teachers Basic Training

For lay people who wish to teach Catechism in the Parishes of the Diocese of Poona.
CTBT Course focuses on content and teaching methods. It trains the catechist to develop an ability to communicate the Gospel message.


2. CTC: Catechist’s Training Course

For Catechism teachers from the Parishes of the Diocese of Poona.
CTC is formulated based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

  1. Faith Professed – I Believe.
  2. Faith Celebrated – Sacraments.
  3. Faith Lived – Commandments.
  4. Faith Prayed – Our Father.
  5. Overview of CCC


3. Diocesan Faith Day Celebrations

For Sunday School students from the parishes of the Diocese of Poona.
By sharing and celebrating their Catholic faith children are enabled to grow in their rootedness in Christ.


4. Recollection for Teachers

For Catholic teachers from the schools in the Diocese of Poona.
A day of Prayer, reflection and sharing aimed at renewing and strengthening one’s faith.


5. RETREATAINMENT: Evangelizing through Media

For Catholic students from the parishes and the schools of the Diocese of Poona.
A novel two day retreat based on movies and reflection.


6. JORDAN CALL 2020: at Lord’s Ranch – Lavasa

For Catholic Families and Catholic Youth.
An Advent experience to help Catholics prepare the way of the Lord.



For post-XII and Working Youth
A personal and intimate experience of the Paschal Celebration in the style of the early Christians
April 01-04, 2021 at Don Bosco – Lonavala



For post X and post XII boys only
A four-day mission experience at Ahmednagar
April 2021


9. SEA THRILL 2021

  • Post VIII & Post IX boys only
  • Post X & Post XII boys only

Relax and refocus on your ‘Journey of Life’ along the sea shores at Bosco Wadi, Uttan, Mumbai


For Schools of Pune


1. Leadership / Animation / Training

Leaders formation and training at Don Bosco Karjat.
Leaders training program for College students and School students offered. Bookings available.


2. One Day / Half Day Seminar For Schools

On request from schools / colleges, DCC organizes seminars on the themes for:
Teachers: “Management By Values” (MBV)
Students: “Living by a Value Compass” (LBVC)
Leaders: “Leading by Values” (LBV)


3. Teachers Orientation Programme (TOP)

On request for the teachers of the schools of Pune
+ Empowering teachers to enhance education
+ Providing teachers with concise and accurate information about the vocation to be a teacher, to help them become more comfortable in their teaching tenure.
+ To build in new teacher confidence that will help them to adapt to the teaching environment.
+ How to develop more effective and productive teaching practices.
+ To promote communication between the new teachers and the experienced teachers.


4. Students Orientation Programme (SOP)

On request for the students of the schools of Pune
+ Grow Holier: Become a Spiritual Person.
+ Stay Healthier: Health is better than wealth.
+ Live Happier: Grow to be more Loving.
+ Be Cool Headed: Attitude that helps us discern before one makes the decision


5. Hub Of Resources

+ Value Education CD resources
+ 36 value based posters
+ 12 Diamond Values Lesson plan
+ Prayer Services are available